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Welcome to AYOIS Portal

AYOIS Portal is a software application that helps schools manage and organize their day-to-day operations. Some of the key features of AYOIS Portal include student information management, file and storage management, property inventory and tracking, and communication tools for teachers and parents. These systems can be used to streamline administrative tasks, improve communication and collaboration between teachers and parents, and provide students with access to their academic records and progress thru request. Some systems are web-based and can be accessed by authorized users from anywhere, while others are installed on local servers and can only be accessed from within the school.

The AYOIS Portal is a comprehensive system that seamlessly integrates various tools and software to optimize its functionality. This integration may require you to log in with different credentials, such as those for Google Drive, Microsoft Online, DepEd Email, Alapan LMS, and other relevant platforms. Rest assured that your data and personal information are protected with the highest level of security and encryption available.